Yeah, that is how many years I have been married, as of today.

For the most part they have been great and I wouldn’t trade him in for a new model for love or money.  Not for love, cause he is the one and only man I’ve ever loved.  Not for money either cause he is worth more than any amount of money could acquire.

After all, who else but a husband of 39 years would spend the afternoon of his wedding anniversary doing the laundry?  After getting him so well trained why would I want to trade him in.  He’s just mellowing well with age.

(and I’m not getting any younger either)

Last night we spent the evening with good friends eating too much, drinking too much and laughing an awful lot.

Tonight we spent the evening quietly together at Chandeliers which is becoming one of our favourite places to dine out. 

Now, I think I am ready to preach in the morning and I put together some things for the Sunday service for the family reunion next week.  So off I go to bed with my book in hand.  And your imagination can figure out if I read or…celebrate.



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5 responses to “39

  1. With your new, slimmer, more energetic Leo I hope you got the right answer.


  2. Joye Kindrachuk

    Hey Linea (and Leo). I remember that day well. It was a bit chaotic at the duplex and when you all went to get your hair done, I finished off your Myrtle crown that you wore on your head. Good memories! Congratulations on 39 years.

  3. Nice! 🙂

    Happy anniversary!!

  4. Congratulations on your anniversary.
    My Dad does virtually all the housework around the house and I think that’s the way Mum would like to keep it.