Zaka’s Party

This Friday I got a call at noon just as I was sitting down to dinner out with the School Dental Program staff, I got a call to tell me that Zaka was having a daycare Christmas programme at 3.  Luckily for me, we had finished up at both schools early and I was free for the afternoon. 

So, I got to attend my first school programme for one of my grandchildren.  The kids were ready when I got there and they had to wait for the parents to arrive to sing their songs.  They were getting restless and Zaka ended up having to sit off to the side away from the friend he was pushing off the chair.  And then he kept peeking in through the door of the room behind him where I suspect a bag of toys was being assembled. 

There were a few tears – par for the course at a preschool programme and then some very enthusiastic singing as they got into things.



And the highlight was a visit from Santa of course.



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