This waiting time

Waiting for an exam at Christmas time is not a good way to prepare for the coming of Christmas.

Or is it?

It means that every moment of my day has to be thought out. Can I get some good studying done? Should I take a break now and put up some decorations? How much of my time should I give to my kids who need babysitting so they can get some important things done?

What are my priorities when it really comes down to how I use my time? I guess this has been the question foremost in my mind these days. What are the most important priorities when I am living out my life stressed by too many demands on my time and at the same time trying to walk through life as a follower of Jesus?

Just trying to live out my relationship with God as I take care of my family, myself and my work. Trying to maintain some sort of balance and sanity. Besides studying and passing a midterm. Thus not much blogging or deep thoughts.

I will be so glad when I have a short break from work between Christmas and New Years.


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