A Christmas Review

In past years I was on here posting stuff almost daily.  Not sure what has happened.  Maybe it is a sense of disconnect from you real people out there and less of a need to write stuff out to myself.  I’m not sure.

Christmas has come and gone and we had a good time here in our home.  All the kids and grandkids were home, all but Rachelle, Ronin and Asen from Toronto.  The house was full and noisy and the kids had fun.  It was fun to watch them interact with Ronin on Skype.  Seeing Rachelle and family helped ease the pain of separation – more than just a phone call.  Seeing has great value in communication I guess.

Dave, Annette and kids stayed for most of the week.  I love having them around even if the house gets to be a mess. They are just easy to be with and sit around and watch TV and play games with. 

Today Leo was back at work and I joined him, Eric and Michelle and Kimia for lunch at Shenanigans.  Leo got me a new phone image

that was Bluetooth compatible so that I could set up a hands free connection for the car.  We stopped and got one problem with it sorted out on the way to lunch.  Now I have to learn to use this new phone.  I don’t know if I really like it.  It does too much and although it will be nice to download ringtones and maybe take a picture or two, it does more than I really need or want.  The keyboard is nice for texting – which I do occasionally – so that feature is nice.  But I spent hours trying to figure out stuff and if the learning curve is too steep for my purposes, I wonder if I will just hate the thing and hardly use it.  It also is very square and does not feel nice in my hand – kind of clunky – so I don’t know.  Functional things should have some aesthetic value besides functioning.  Shouldn’t it feel like it fits my hand?  Maybe I ask too much.

The rest from work should allow my thumb to heal up. It is still very sore when I do certain things.  Holding a pen is still quite painful.  and holding a pen is very similar to how I hold a handpiece unfortunately.  I guess I must have torn the ligaments around the Metacarpophalangeal joint.  It will have a few more days to heal before I have to get back to work and I suspect I won’t let it slow me down too much. 

Other than eating too much and being generally quite lazy, a lot of my free time has been spent studying.  In two weeks I travel down to Chicago for an intensive seminary class on the missional church.  I will enjoy the class but there is quite a lot of reading and a few book reviews that I must get ready.  I plan a stopover in Toronto to visit Rachelle.  I sure hope the extra security becomes more efficient so that I can take a carry on and not have to spend 6 hours in line.  Maybe it would be faster to rent a car and drive from Toronto.  I guess I will just need an extra measure of patience. 



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3 responses to “A Christmas Review

  1. joye kindrachuk

    You should find yourself a good OT who can make you a little thermoplastic splint for your thumb and let it have the rest it needs to get back to functioning well again.

    Glad to hear your Christmas went well.

  2. Linea

    If I lived closer I’d come over to see you. It would probably take me a week to get in to see someone here and by then it should be better.

  3. joye kindrachuk

    The girls each have little thumb splints that our OTs made when they hurt their thumbs in volleyball. They work really well. You should come over!!! We’d be happy to see all of you.