So here I am

Made it to Toronto last night about midnight their time. The flight was good – not full, so I shared a seat with myself.  Every introverts dream seating.

I watched a good Canadian made movie about a single mom from Palestine moving to the US – the challenges of moving to a new place with racial and religious prejudice.  That helped the 3 hours pass faster.  I also read one of the books I need to be up on for my course.

And my book promised for delivery by Jan 8 did not arrive by Jan 8, so I am short on the required reading.  The joys of living in the boonies. 

But anyway, I am sitting here in Rachelle and Asen’s living room while Ronin watches his new DVD and plays with his cars.  He’s a good kid – let me sleep in his room last night on his comfy bed.  It is fun to see him and his mom and dad too.  This afternoon I will let Rachelle do a pedicure and manicure and all sorts of esthetic wonders on me as I visit her at work.



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3 responses to “So here I am

  1. Hope the rest of the trip goes well and the course too!

  2. On the way home I was seated next to a small-town farmer type, but he was a real Chatty Charlie: talking about deer hunting and all sorts of farming stuff. Thankfully, he spent the whole flight talking to the lady in the aisle.

  3. Safe travels my friend. Give Chicago a big hug!