My head feels fuzzy but I keep plugging away at all this course work.

Maybe the long title is an indication that I can’t think well enough to come up with a catchy title.


Tonight I faxed off my final quiz in Greek.  Yeah!  That feels good.  Of course I still have a few pages of a review section in my workbook to complete and then all those pages need to be packaged up and sent off for marking. 

It feels as if the end is in sight.  In that class at least.

Meanwhile, I am getting geared up for the term paper; reading like crazy. 

The Old Testament class is heavy on reading too and there are constant assignments it seems.  We need to interact on-line at least twice a week and have a Skype connection with a smaller group once a week.  I’m not sure it takes any less time than attending a class full time – just that all the other stuff of life is also going on – and that is where things get complicated.

Of course it would not be bad if I wasn’t working about 45 hours a week on top of studying.

My head feels a bit fuzzy tonight.  I think I’ll go have a glass of wine to clear it.  Then to bed.  Tomorrow promises to be a repeat as far as studying goes.



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2 responses to “My head feels fuzzy but I keep plugging away at all this course work.

  1. Glad to hear about the Greek! Take care balancing everything that needs to be done. It will be worth it in the end!

  2. Keep on, friend….I’m behind you…..pushing….:-)