Big Day Tomorrow

Today was the day in between.  Yesterday was the second birthday of a Lanoie princess. 


Tomorrow – well I’m not sure what that makes me but for sure I’m no longer a princess.  But the princess’ grandmother turns a year older too.

So we are having a little party.  It should be nice enough to have do some burgers on the barbeque.  Burgers and junk food.  Cake and such. 

It will be a good day to celebrate our lives and family.



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5 responses to “Big Day Tomorrow

  1. joye

    I would say that she is the princess and maybe you are the Queen??

  2. Looks like the princess has a black eye! I wonder what the other guy looks like!! lol She surely does look like her mama in that picture.

    Nice that you can celebrate together.

  3. Linea

    She did have a black eye in that picture. She had an encounter with her little table and really did herself a good one. Didn’t slow her down much though.

  4. And I was going to say that she has your eyes!

  5. Linea

    LOL, Toni.