Done the class and heading home

This past week has been so full. My class took place from 8:30 to 12:30 Monday through Friday except for Wednesdays. I thought when I looked at the schedule that I would have so much time to just relax and enjoy myself. I envisioned joining one of my classmates for a trip down to Millennium Park and maybe a shopping spree or an evening of Jazz.

Not a chance.

I had papers to read and 5 short essays to write but most of all two sermons to prepare and get ready to preach. There was the long process of exegesis to go through before each sermon. Maybe it is better to have a limited number of commentaries to hasten a person through the preparation process – but I had a whole library! And it seemed there was always one book about the subject of the text that caught my eye and was begging to be read.

Each and every spare moment was full of homework. I saw an awful lot of the inside of Brandell Library this visit to Chicago but not much else.

Well, maybe I should qualify that a bit. I did have wonderful visits with my hosts, the Thorpes, even attending their daughter Christine’s son Peter’s graduation open house. What a joy to see this young man who spent a good part of January to March recovering from a head injury, graduate with his class. And there were two dinner’s out with Ruth and another friend – a Persian restaurant with such huge helpings that I had lunches for two days from the leftovers.

I did get in one long walk for exercise on the lovely campus of Northeastern University and yesterday I went shopping. By shopping in a mall yesterday I missed one of the most violent storms of Chicago so I am glad I was not downtown in the middle of Millennium Park after all.

It was a good visit. Three more credits under my belt. Some concerns about my next step in Greek sorted out. Also I’ve been psychologically tested and found to be at least crazy enough to continue towards my MDiv. I am, by the way, not only a 9 on the Enneagram but also an ISFP. In fact, I am such a strong introvert that I probably should not be talking to you like this!


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