Back to the routines

First day back at work.  Twas a very good full day too. And I am tired.

And a day of waiting for news about a friend’s surgery – and that did indeed go well.  He had a lot of folks praying for him and we’ll keep that up till he’s backup on his feet again and then some as he recuperates and maybe does some cardiac rehab.

Had a visit after supper from the great Zaka.  He had to come and pick up the things Grandma brought him from Chicago.  And have supper.  And ice cream.  Then the boys discovered the hammock in the back yard and had a ball.

Then I recommenced my evening bike rides.  Two weeks in Chicago did nothing form my weight loss program.  Riding the Rotary Trail is so nice in the evening.  The deer were out  on the far side of the river too, coming down for their evening drinks I suppose.  I love watching to see what wildlife will show up.



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6 responses to “Back to the routines

  1. Toni

    Evening bike rides in the summer – don’t you just love ’em? I’d offer to take you out around here when you’re over, but it’s a bit hillier than PA, mostly anyway. However we could try it if you like. Does Leo ride too?

  2. I wouldn’t mind trying that. Love going down those hills! Leo does ride – we just got him a bike for his Birthday in May and he has been out regularly. Not Mountain Bike riding by any stretch but it is all good exercise. We figured that bikes might give us a good way to see some of the places in Europe that we are visiting since we won’t be driving.

  3. We’ll have to see how it works out, but maybe we can squeeze in an evening ride around the Cherwell valley. The views across the valley are lovely, as is the one across the river to Rousham manor down at Longbridge.

  4. Sounds like fun. Hope it works out.

  5. Toni

    Chris said to me “do you think they realise how hilly it is?”.

    It’s hilly!

  6. Nope, have no idea what the countryside is like. Chris’s advice may be very wise. We’re not up to anything too strenuous. Still, a mildly exerting ride would be fun.