Quiet Evening

Leo and I are just sort of chilling out.  We have walked miles over the past week and seen so much.  Tonight we just need to rest.  We head back to Belgium tomorrow on the EuroStar so are getting our suitcases repacked, trying to make room for the extras we picked up here.  Everywhere one goes they offer such wonderful pictorial guides with the accompanying history – hard to pass those by.

Today we saw the Churchill Museum and the Cabinet War rooms in the morning and then were off to St Paul’s Cathedral.  We looked around a bit and then were able to attend evensong.  That was the perfect way to experience St Paul’s. 

Flikr is very sluggish tonight but I have finished uploading the pictures from Bath if you want to have a look.



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3 responses to “Quiet Evening

  1. The pictures…I’m in heaven!!! Time seems to be going quickly…don’t get too tired out. Miss you…

  2. Toni

    Have just realised, you were actually in ‘The Smoke’ at the same time as Marc and Dixie. Ships in the night and all that.

    I hope Belgium is good for you, and you’re able to re-charge a bit.

  3. Linea

    Belgium was very short. Are now enjoying heat and lots of good food and friends in Portugal. From here we head to Spain. I think we might have better internet in a few days.