We really did make it home

…but it has been a busy couple of days.  We spent Sunday in Toronto with Rachelle and Asen celebrating Ronin’s third birthday.  It was a party!  We crossed over to the island on the ferry and had a picnic in the park, went swimming, ate cake, opened lots and lots of presents, and rode rides.



Then the next day – back to Prince Albert.  We still have a bit of catching up from jet lag (as you might be able to tell since I am up at 4 am.) but Leo is already back into the midst of work.  I have a few more days off – yipee! 

My first day back, I spent most of it at the hospital with Auntie F. She will need to get some pins out of an old hip fracture since she is having quite a lot of pain and there are lots of tests in preparation for this surgery that we had to complete.  I was exhausted by the end of the visit.  She was totally wiped out!

Today, I acquired a new hairdo (radical change for me) and ran errands.  I have also been reinstalling programs on my laptop.  I was having a problem using one of my usb ports – everything would shut down – so the operating system was reinstalled.  I’ve spent a lot of time putting things back on and retrieving stuff from the back up.  It is mostly done now, I think. 

Last night I began working on some of our photos and will work some more on that today.  The best ones, I’ll post in sets on Flikr.  Watch for them.

Now, maybe I should try and get some more sleep.



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2 responses to “We really did make it home

  1. joye

    How about posting pictures of the new “do” ??

  2. Toni

    Glad you’re back OK – and I agree with Joye.

    Re: computer shutting down, I recently swapped our PCs around, putting the XP box upstairs with a different HP printer. Using the standard HP drivers, every time a file was sent to print it would blue-screen the PC, even though I’d removed the old drivers, re-installed etc. Eventually a new set of drivers from HP fixed it, but weird to ship a device with drivers that would do that in the first place.

    Hope you’ve settled back to Ca time OK now.