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Christ is Risen

And very early in the morning . . .

Gateway Covenant Church and friends gather on the river bank – or wherever we can in that direction as snow permits – and we remember and begin the celebration of this glorious event.

And then we come inside to enjoy the warmth and breakfast.  I must go and begin the preparations.

Happy and Blessed Easter


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Palm Sunday

Today I worshipped
Amongst rocks
And shiny glass bits
Washed up on shore.
Green and purple
Glass, edges rounded,
Tossed up by pounding waves.
Child’s treasure. Burnished glass
And pebble stones
Worn smooth at lakes edge.

Today I worshipped.
Palm Sunday;
And the stones
Cried out his praises,
While I hunted treasures
With a little boy.

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A Happy Easter to all

Christ has risen. We spent the day celebrating from the sunrise service to church to home and a big family gathering.

Now I am sitting here listening to the kids banter about the Amazing Race in the living room while outside the grandboys and grandtomboy are playing in the yard. The baby is babbling away in her mom’s arms. The contented aftermath of a good Easter spent together, too much good food and good family times.

We had another guy join our table today too, Miquel from Columbia. He was invited to join us at church this morning by Yaounde and when he was about to protest that he couldn’t come and interrupt our family dinner, Massa told him that they wanted him to come, that we were his family and he wanted him to feel welcome. And we found that Miquel doesn’t have a lot of friends that he hangs out with. I’m glad he joined us. I do love having a full table.

And Christian made it home in time to eat leftovers. He spent the last day in Provost. If you look up the history of that place you may discover why it was less than a good time. I guess they had guys in white sheets not so far in the past in that town and he ran across some interesting comments that mostly made him confine his time to his room. They probably won’t play that town again.

But now I am rather tired. I’ve eaten enough that I should go for about a four hour walk but have no energy left.



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Holy Saturday

Today has been a busy day, full of good things and sad things and not much studying.

Since the midterm is done and I have almost caught up on my reading for the Old Testament class it feels as if I have gotten some of my life back this weekend. So today was filled instead with grandkids, some yard work, a memorial service, the never ending grocery shopping and a visit to my Aunt up at Mt. St. Joes.

Sara is home for the weekend too and I hear her down in the kitchen mixing up some carrot cake cupcakes. I will need to get the house organized for tomorrow’s Sunrise service on the river bank tonight too. The sun is up early – 6:30 am. I will get out of bed and make coffee and then the service will begin.

So, I suppose I should get a move on. Watched Julie and Julia last night. Better not let blogging take over although there is not much risk of this becoming a book.

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Good Friday

Today Leo and I took part in something a little different.  We went on the Outdoor Way of the Cross that is put on by the Catholic parishes and the Ministerial Association.  It took place at 14 stations around the downtown core in our city. 

Just so you get an idea, I’ll give you the locations and the theme of our prayers for each of the stations. 

1. Jesus is Condemned to Death – Power and decision makers – out side city hall.

2. Jesus carries his cross – Homelessness – outside the Salvation Army

3. Jesus falls for the first time – For those suffering from addictions – outside the Liquor Board Store.

4. Jesus meets his mother – for those in poverty – outside the food bank

5. Simon of Cyrene helps Jesus carry his cross – Christian unity – steps of the Presbyterian Church

6. Veronica wipes the face of Jesus – healing of relationships – outside the Friendship Centre

7. Jesus falls the second time – for refugees and immigrants – outside the Multicultural Centre

8. Jesus meets the women of Jerusalem – better distribution of world’s wealth – cul de sac out side the Gateway Mall

9. Jesus falls a third time – for those who are unemployed – in front of the Federal Building (employment office)

10. Jesus is stripped of his clothes – trust in God – the bank corner

11. Jesus is nailed to the cross – Youth – outside the Margo Fournier Centre (youth centre)

12. Jesus dies on the cross –Justice system – outside the court house

13. The body of Jesus is taken down from the cross – Environmental stewardship – outside the Forestry Centre

14. Jesus is laid in the tomb – peace in the world – at the Cenotaph by City Hall.

Some of the best parts of the experience? Walking around to places that have been part of the downtown for years and seeing them and what they represent in the light of the cross.  Also the group walking was so ecumenical and so multicultural.  It was a beautiful day and by the end of the walk I think we had actually increased in size to well over 100.

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